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Post news RSS Welcome to The Boden Project - Part 2

The second part of an introduction to the Boden Project, introducing new resources and buildings for the player to explore.

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Welcome Back to the Boden Project

In this part of the introduction to Boden Project, we'll discuss brand new resources for you to manage on top of the previous resources discussed in the last part, (which can be read here: Indiedb.com)

The last article outlined the living resources that you must manage, including Population, Food, and Power. This article will outline the resources that will power your Project's expansion into new technology, and improve the quality of life for your Population.


material lexigram

Material World

Your Project's Farms, Power Sources, and Population Centres don't come cheap. To build new structures on your Project you need Raw Materials. These are gained through the construction of Mines. Mines will churn up the surface of the tile to make Raw Materials, and can be built on plains and mountains. Such materials can be used in every construction on the Project's surface. How Raw Materials work is different to Food and Power. Raw Materials work on a budget basis, if a Population Centre has 3 level 1 Mines then you will have a budget of 3 Raw Materials to play with. If those 3 Raw Materials are spent then they will slowly regenerate back up to 3. Building more Mines means a higher budget, but that budget can change very quickly. For each mine that gets destroyed or is inactive, the budget will decrease, meaning less resources can be used. Mines will also drain on a Population Centre's Power. Each Mine takes 1 off of the its current Power output, meaning more Power Sources are needed to satisfy a Population Centre.

mine land

science lexigram

For Science!

So now you know about Farms, Power Sources, Mines, and their relationship with a Population Centre, but inevitably a Population Centre will outgrow these starting buildings. This is where Science comes into play. Science helps you advance the structures you have built to new levels, increasing their output. Science is produced by building Universities. Much like Mines, when a University is built, a Science Budget is established. One Level 1 University will add 1 to your Science Budget, and much like your Raw Material Budget it will replenish over time when Science is spent.

uni land

happy lexigram

In Pursuit of Happiness

Tying all of the previous resources together is Happiness. Happiness can be generated very easily through the construction of Leisure Facilities. These buildings provide a static boost to the Happiness of a Population Centre, but consume a lot of Power. If you value your Population's Happiness then be prepared to build more Power Sources to compensate.


That is all of the resources waiting to be managed in Boden Project. There are, however, more mechanics to be discussed as Boden Project isn't all about utopian space living, but that is for next time.

unhappy lexigramheat 001hud warning 002

Let us know what you think about the game!


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