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An introduction to the Boden Project, a new take on the resource management and strategy genres. Boden Project is a self-proclaimed "2.5X" strategy game in which the player has to manage and sustain a ring-world against ever increasing odds.

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Welcome to the Boden Project

The Boden Project is the next step in ensuring humanity's survival in the universe. Each Project is a test of humanity's resolve when living away from Earth; a ring-world designed to mimic life on Earth whilst exposing humanity to the harsh environment of space giving us the opportunity to adapt.

You, the player, have been tasked with overseeing your own Project's survival. With an ever increasing population to nurture, you must grow food, generate power, and build up resources whilst under constant threat from the sun, space debris, and other extra-terrestrial dangers.

Each Project, as aforementioned, is designed to mimic the surface of the Earth. A Project is a ring-world comprised of 4 sectors, each sector made up of hexagonal tiles. These tiles come in 3 different types, plains, mountains, and water and each tile type opens up new possibilities for construction and exploitation.

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Your Population and You

The first step in growing your ring-world is to build a Population Centre. Designed to be a city within a tower, Population Centres will house the people have volunteered to stay on your Project and can only be built on plains. Each Population Centre can be upgraded, and with each upgrade comes more room for your population, this is measured in Population Levels. As your Population Centre's Population Level increases, more resources will be needed to sustain it. This is where Buildings come into play.


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Food for Thought

As a Population Centre's Population Level rises, more food is required to sustain your people. Food is generated through the building of Farms. These Farms come in all forms with their own sets of perks and drawbacks. Each Farm type is fully upgradeable, branching from two starting types which are based on what tile they're built on. Wheat Farms are the standard land-based food source, with Rice Fields being their water-based counterpart, but Farms are restricted to those two tile types as no Food source can be built on a mountain tile. How Farms play into a Population Level is simple: one Farm at level 1 will add +1 to a Population Level's food requirement. Each upgrade to the Farm will increase that output by 1, so a Population Level of 3 could be fulfilled by a level 3 Wheat Farm or Rice Field. But these Farms can't function without one thing, power.

wheat farm landrice farm water

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Power Play

Power Buildings provide, well, power. Without power, other buildings can't function, and the population will suffer from it too. Much like Farms, Power Sources can only be placed on plains and water, both of which come in the form of Wind Farms. But you must be careful with Power Sources as they can be very quickly overwhelmed by too many buildings consuming its power. How Power Buildings play into a Population Level is simple: one Power Building at level 1 will add 1 to a Population Level's power requirement. Each upgrade to the Power will increase that output by 1, so a Population Level of 3 could be fulfilled by a level 3 Wind Farm. But this power can decrease the more buildings there are near the Population Centre.

wind farm landwind farm sea

These are just 3 of the resources for you to manage in Boden Project: Population, Food, and Power. There are three more to cover that will be explained in the next article.

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Let us know what you think about the game!


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