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A brief update of our development cycle up until this point

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Dear Passersby of our game page,
Thank you for visiting and please allow us to update you on our progress so far in our development cycle. First things first, we have been working hard to implement controller vibration on certain actions and it appears to be working very well currently. In addition, we have been adding several new Team-Abilities between different elemental players such as an improved version of Smokescreen to block projectiles and a steam pillar to raise players upward. Furthermore, we spent a lot of time improving the overall quality of life of our level to give the players a wider range of ways to use and experience their abilities.

These changes/additions were made for a couple reasons. The first of these being that we needed to branch away from the bugs that we were experiencing with the Smokescreen ability and other team abilities when interacting with our previous level design. Secondly, we wanted to add more juice to how the game made the player feel as they were playing the game and how engaged they were by the game responsiveness.

From here, we hope to move onto polishing the mechanics of our game and adding an additional one or two Team-Abilities as well as several new enemies to challenge the player. Our end goal through the coming weeks is to fully flesh out the potential we think our game's concept has going for itself.

Thank you for stopping by for this brief update, we will be posting here again very soon.

Keep on keeping on,


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