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You will not survive this. Your payment will be transferred to the intended recipient upon confirmation of an open gate.

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You will begin in a small system, and work your way up over time. From the system you can access the store. We do not know what threats lay in wait. We are withholding options in body and power technology, but feel free to take any weapon you please.

From the system you can access your inventory. Ensure you are well equipYour ship's only purpose is to get you to planets. Upon station orbiting planets or moon, or the planet itself there are missions for you to undertake. Though they look different they are structured the same inside. Fly your ship into a planet to orbit it. Clicking on the planet, it's stations or moon will bring up info and options about it. Click your ship to leave orbit.

Mission contain many objects

WASD - movement
Mouse - aiming
Mouse Wheel - cycle powers
Q - swap weapons
LMB - Shoot
RMB - Power
Backspace - exit from a map once the mission is complete

Growing in strength as you open more gates, these are creatures who's only thought is to cease your mission

Loot Containers
Simple walk over one of these containers and there content will be beamed back to your ship

Important data is contained within these devices

Machinery vital to enemy operations

The key to the system

Marked facilities contain work for you.
Steal - Neutralize the key holder and collect the intel
Assault - Neutralize all targets
Recover - Collect multiple intel pieces scatter all over the ship
Destroy - Destroy all machinery
Artifact - Collect the artifact to unlock the system
Boss -????

Once you have collected the artifact you will have unlocked a system. The gate will be opened allowing you to run, but a terror contained away by locking the gate will also be unleashed. You are free to continue. Yet defeating this terror will give you access to a cache of technology.

You are lucky runner.
The enemy is unaware of you, and thus you will open many gates.
I still wish you good luck.

Take a look in the credits for where we got a bunch of the assets. Thanks to them for these placeholder assets. Well be trying to improve the assets when we get the chance.

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