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Hello everyone one of you gamers. I would just like to introduce to everyone our game from Broken Flame Interactive and introduce all the features we plan to include in the final build.

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Here at BFI we welcome everyone to comment their suggestions and opinions to our title Blue vs Red: Miner Warfare.

Build bases, mine resources and destroy your enemy by building traps, automatic weaponry, robots and more.

The idea with our game is that there are 2 teams, red vs blue (as always), each player's objective is to destroy the other player's base block but the actual players themselves cannot do just that. Players have to use their ability to think quick and use the maps resources to gather and mine materials to build their base, craft items, build drones, torrents , mines(the explody type), traps etc. Using these the player must destroy the enemy base block. Each player can of course destroy what the enemy has built but just not the final base block.

When the base block has been destroyed the opposing player wins.

Right now our game, which is in pre-alpha, has most of its most basic mechanics finished or being worked on and these are the features that will appear in its first or final release:

Underground base building
Level Editor
Recourse mining
Machine building
Player upgrades
Build able torrents
Strategic traps
Robot warfare
Big boom boom items he he he
and much much more from future innovations and community input.

Follow us at our company page: Broken Flame Interactive

Follow us at our game's page: Blue Vs Red: Miner Warfare

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