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Since BBD is new to this site, here's a brief catchup of game updates. I plan to use this site as a main hub for game news. :]

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Hello, people of IndieDB. Here is where I'll give information on the current update, v 4.7.2, as well as a catchup on all major updates since the game's creation (since it's new to this site).

Version 4.7.2

- BBD Version 4.7.2 introduces features for online play, such as the ability to play your custom stages. If you're the room hoster, then new pages would be added to the stage list for you to select your custom stage.
- An option to use Port 80 as an alternate port for online matches has also been added, intended for online matches to be managed without the need for Port Forwarding. This setting is likely to not work. So remember, if you wish to host your own battles online, forwarding port 52941 is pretty much necessary, unfortunately.
- The option to use 640x480 screen resolution has been removed, because of the crashing that may occur due to changing.
- And finally, a few bugs have been fixed, such as Purples having incorrect/missing halos on teamed modes, and the viewing of Player 1's name online being the same as your name.

Stage Editor as of v 4.5

Version 4.7.1

- This update simply fixes some final things with the menu. No large updates, so it's not completely necessary, but still recommended.
- Bug fix with shop unlocks.

Version 4.7.0 (after a really long time)

- No more self-updater: The updater is what crashed the game and made it unusable. Now if there's any future updates, then the game will forward you to a reliable site where the update is stored.
- Completed BBD Shop: The shop menu has been completed, with Menu backgrounds, Addons and Additional Features, as well as Potions for enhanced abilities during battle.
- BLBT Online: Changed room-fetching method to using GMechanism, rather than the BBD Main Server (offline). BBD Online has been optimized and bug-fixed.
- Colored Mob Members, Intelligent CPU Chat, made for that MMO feeling. Works for offline play, as well as online.
- Stage Editor completion.
- Player List, and Website Link have been disabled, because of the BBD Main Server going offline. You can still use GMechanism.

Old Versions
v.4.5 BBD Shop.
Stage Editor, Player List.
v.3.0 GMechanism (global highscores and achievements). Auto-updater.
v.2.0 Public Online Lobby.
v.1.0 Release, BBD Online.

From time to time, if you'll go online, you may see Zippy. Zippy is a deticated room hoster that opens up rooms that are joinable by other players. Mostly he just does random settings and picks random stages, so if you're looking for randomized battles, look for Zippy!

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