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This wrap-up covers the introduction of the newest zone "Dark Caves" along with some fun new monsters to combat against.

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Weekly Wrap-up Highlights #6:

05/22/2016 - 06/12/2016

Hi everyone!

Sorry for slacking on updates the past couple weeks, but I've been neck deep into creating an entirely new area for players to explore: The Dark Caves!

This area contains many new monsters, a couple of small mini-scene's and ultimately leads the player onto the final boss of the tutorial.

The boss isn't completed yet, so I'll report back later on that one once I have more of it ready. In the meantime though, I want to share the progress so far.

New Maps

There are actually two new maps that have been created for the Dark Caves.

The first being larger and requires some exploration to find some missing friends and the other is smaller and introduces a small trap/puzzle for players to interact with.

Here's a new sneak peeks at these new maps:

Dark Caves - Looking around
javaw-2016-06-04-10-13-42-406.png (512×768)

Dark Caves - Dwarf camp
javaw-2016-06-04-10-17-11-990.png (1280×384)

Dark Caves, Pt 2 - It's a trap!
javaw-2016-06-04-10-19-21-660.png (1280×768)

Dark Caves, Pt 2 - We found gold!
javaw-2016-06-04-10-18-14-143-1024x614.png (1024×614)

New Monsters

The Dark Caves also introduces a whole new set of monsters to go up against. These monsters are much tougher than the one's the player has previously run into and will take more effort to defeat them. Once you work into the final cave, they become even tougher!

There are to types of spiders, large and small, each of them have a chance to poison our hero's when attacking.

javaw-2016-06-04-10-33-21-309-1024x614.png (1024×614)

There are 7 variations (colors) each with their own special attack related to the color. If you watch them carefully, you can determine how best to approach each type!

javaw-2016-06-04-10-33-00-500-1024x614.png (1024×614)

These are just common bats, but they also have a very special attack that should it go off, will be detrimental to the player!

javaw-2016-06-09-08-24-40-104-1024x614.png (1024×614)

Skeleton Minion’s
What's a cave without some undead kicking around! These are pretty much common skeleton's and nothing too special. They're pretty much minion status, but can still give you a hard time.

javaw-2016-06-04-10-30-55-139-1024x614.png (1024×614)

These guys are thick, tough and hit like a truck. Might not want them hanging around too long!

javaw-2016-06-04-10-30-16-582-1024x614.png (1024×614)

These guys are the first caster monster you'll run across in the tutorial adventure. They have all kinds of tricks up their sleeves, so best to be careful with them and don't ignore them too long!

javaw-2016-06-04-10-29-32-643-1024x614.png (1024×614)

Bug Fixes and Updates

There have been ton's of code changes made in the last couple of week also, but instead of listing them all off here in a giant wall of text, I'll give you the URL's to my weekly developer logs to read over should you be interested:


Want More?

If you're interested in reading more about Mischieviots, or catching up on older posts, feel free to visit us at:

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