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There will be two more parts to this. The first one is last week and the next part is this week.

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PT 1

we are now following the new format for updates which will be as Follows.
[Brief summary here]

[1st section; Ideas for the future of the mod and some issues that we are currently facing]

[2nd section; What has currently been implemented and what is currently in the works]

[3rd and final section, either announcements such as new team members joining the dev crew (If any idk, non as of yet), or idle talk about the mod in general. As well as any vague ideas for the future of the mod... The far future.]

So here we go.
Weekly Diary 001
This week we have a little bit about the plans for the future in a more concrete form, as well as current state of the mod as a whole. This past week has been slow with actual content to the mod, I have mostly just been trying to wrap my head around the spacing of the world map.

[I have recently come to terms that world of Tyria is quite vast while the MMO map is quite small. This is an issue for actual counties being in the world and being believable. As such I have opted to actually upscale what each county is; I have made each county the equivalent to a barony with each barony level holding being a building slot in the barony, while Duchies stay Duchies and have Counties added to their tier list (Some cultures will have Duchies referred to as Counties) Empires and kingdoms are where it gets real interesting. First we will have to actually describe how empires will work before we can get into how Kingdom level Titles will work. Empires will be split up into two catagories: the first being Empire level titles that were Empires in the lore, or in function, and Empire Level titles that were kingdoms in the lore, or similarly were kingdoms in function. That means Empire level titles that were functionally empires or in the lore were empires will have a larger De jure territory made up of smaller kingdoms. But if an Empire level title that was in the lore a Kingdom and/or functioned as a kingdom will have a significantly smaller De jure Territory (Maybe even just their De jure Kingdom) With a later decision being that of proclaiming a greater or restored Empire (Take Vanillas Slavic Union for a good example). While this may be confusing at first, it all boils down to it being up-scaled. A good example is the territory in Ascalon, Ascalon was a Kingdom in the lore but an empire in function. So it will be made up of smaller kingdom level titles while the Empire level title (Either called the Kingdom or Ascalon or New Ascalon idk.) will be made up of smaller kingdoms over a larger area. Ascalon city and it's surroundings, in Lakeside County GW2 will be called Old Ascalon and will be a Kingdom level title. With the Black citadel being part of a separate De jure kingdom. I have also had to add many more counties to the map that people simply didn't give any notice to. Take Ascalon again, the east of Ascalon city has a Tribal fort for Ogres, it has no name but does exist, I barely even remembered it being a thing. Though I have explained this in some detail this has not yet been put in the mod, I'm still adding counties to the map.]

[Like I just mentioned Above, I am currently adding a great many number of Counties to the map, I also added a number Major rivers, I did not add many since the coast line of the world is rather large, so some rivers and lakes are simply not in the mod. I may yet add them in at later date when I have a functional public release. I am adding the counties around Ascalon, centering around Ascalon city. (It has been named Ascalon City Ruins, as that is what it is.) Other than filling out the world starting with Ascalon, I have added the Island of Claw Island to the map. I saw that there were many islands in the map and some not really part of GW2 world, I refuse to remove these as I actually have a plan, but this means that I need to add some of the newer islands to the world. Such as Claw Island.]

[Ahhh, finally we are at the end of the update. Sadly no screenshots. I have some minor screen shots on the discord (Just me atm... The entire server.) I have also come to the conclusion that if I want help I might need to go to ModDB or Steam to gain traction and support by making a mod page on both platforms. I don't want or need Monetary support but rather just kind words or technical help in the form of tips or full induction to the currently meager Dev team... Just me.
The Current feel for the mod is that it is very incomplete and there is much to do! But as I actually begin to understand the world of modding in CK2 (Keep in mind this is my first and only mod so far, and boy what a doozy) that I keep coming up with ideas of how the mod could work, I actually started this project with the idea that I wanted to kick out the Charr and restore human glory in Ascalon. And now I want add even more than just that! I want a class system like GoA's classes or whole new Government types! I want many Religions, some reform-able and some with many many heresies. (looking at you Inquest! I want you to have a nice cool culture and special religion. I always felt they were underrated.) I want to add some custom models for each cultures armies! I have many ideas and I wanna share them.]

And finally I wanna address something, it may come across as me being entitled but I wanna get it straight! I HATE the GW2's world map. And not for any other reason than the detail for the coast line for the GW1 map. I am salty about it, and I will not apologize for that. But I wanna apologize if it makes anyone angry or annoyed that I dislike something that they enjoy and it comes across as a little bit more prattish. I don't mean to anger anyone, but it's my opinion and it's not wrong because it is mine and mine alone. So I'll keep my opinions to myself from now on in this thread. But not from my discord, that is my space. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Acturian Vi Gent 'The Dreamer'

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