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This week has been very code intensive, let's see what has been added and when the demo will be released.

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Weekly Update:

This week has been very code intensive, let's see what has been added and when the demo will be released.

First let's say that MorphShift Wars has now a facebook page!
So if You don't have a Twitter account, You can now follow the development via facebook.

You can find it here:


Since i'm developing this game alone (sounds, music, 3D art, textures code etc.) I would really apreciate some feedback. It makes the developing really have a boost-up.

What has been added this week:

Scene Objects:

  • Two Destructible villages.
  • Desctructible lighthouse.
  • Some bunkers.
  • Aircraft carrier with working cannons.

Yes destructible things are also in demo :)

Playable content:

  • If you fly on the deck of the aircraft carrier, you can reload energy and repair hull.
  • There will be some extra score for destructing some strategic objects.
  • New control system, allowing players to learn and develop their own combat strategy.
  • Custom FOV.
  • Improved physics
  • New HUD

Eye candies:

  • Improved graphics system.
  • Removed a bit of glitches.
  • Improved explosions.
  • Improved textures.
  • Improved lightmaps.
  • Improved sky and lightrays.

Where is the demo?

"If something could go wrong, it does." [cit.]

I had a really bad time with debugging so many aspects of the demo are yet too much incomplete.
I also had problems with testers who dismissed at last moment. Since I just have this box, I have to wait an answer by the other tester I asked.
Anyway this lateness gives also more time to add some extra stuff to demo, so You will enjoy it better!

Video of the demo gameplay but BEWARE it has the OLD SHADERS.

Graphics is now way better.

I did this video to get rid of the old and ugly one.
I'm not publishing any new screenshot because i want the new graphics to be shown in demo.
I suggest to watch it here Pre-demo Video - Indie DB

Thanks for reading, and sorry for any misspelling.

Alex Piola

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