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Post news RSS Weekly Update for April 8th, 2019

This week we've made big changes to the theme and juice of the game.

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What’s New

The new things this iteration includes:

  1. New sprite for both the players and the boss to fit the theme better and add juice to the game.
  2. New animation as well as fixes to the boss’s abilities to add juice as well as balance the boss better.
  3. Scene transitions between levels as well as a slow-mode kill cam for the boss.
  4. Start animation for the portal to deactivate and batteries to fly off the screen.
  5. Score system is revamped to include a time bonus for the winner.
  6. A lot of bug that allowed players to get off the map are fixed.
  7. Fixes to the winner screen to limit the movement of the players.
  8. Added parallax.

What’s the Motivation

The changes in this iteration in general are toward theme and juices. The most needed change was on the boss and player sprites. The player and boss sprites from last iteration were quite out of place compared to the background. Now they are changed to better resemble the lab theme instead of just being simple geometric shapes put together. Other changes are mainly fixes for the feedback last week, such as the bug fixes, the revamped score system, and the change to the winner screen.

What’s Next

the planned changes next changes include:

  1. Implement more levels featuring more diverse mechanics.
  2. Implement the music and voice changes mentioned the last iteration that failed to be implemented due to communication issue
  3. Focus on the final balance of the game
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