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This week we've made big changes to player guidance, the game loop, and revamped how the boss's weapons work, as well as some visual changes.

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What’s New

The new things this iteration includes:

  1. A new interactive ready screen which also acts like a tutorial.
  2. A redesign on the level system in which one player stays as the boss for three rounds and then the next player becomes the boss.
  3. A visual overhaul on the timer and the battery collection system in levels.
  4. A change on the boss’s control and mechanic and the removal of the previous gun mechanic
  5. An attempt to make the boss feel more evil by changing him visually and adding the evil laughter.,
  6. A visual change on the main screen, score screen, and win screen.

What’s the Motivation

The visual changes are in general trying to make the goal of game more clear and to make the player guidance better. The redesign of level system happens because the previous system where the boss changes each round does not help the bond-forming between team members as the teammate in the previous round quickly becomes the enemy you have to fight in the next round. This system also allows the boss to learn his game play better as he gets to play 3 consecutive rounds as the boss. The boss is made more evil to strengthen the fun of playing as the boss. Playing as a evil genius is more fun than playing as a bland character.

What’s Next

the planned changes next changes include:

  1. Replacing the music and voices with the one made by the freelancer.
  2. Change the art of the game to make everything more fit together.
  3. Make more levels with interesting unique mechanics to add replayability to the game.
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