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This week i worked mainly on adding new traps and platforming related objects.

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Traps :

1- The Crusher : A ceiling mechanical trap that crushes anything weak below !

2-Magical stars : Three elemental stars , activated when near them !
The strongest is the Lightning star so it is the slowest to move and launch.

platforming :
1- The force beam : A beam fired directly from your mighty spear that can move spicific objects to reach higher places or solve puzzles !
Objects moved by the beam are not affected by gravity for a certain amount of time.

2- Moving platforms : a basic mechanical platform to pass big gaps!
No danger below (in the GIF) for tutorial purposes.

puzzle related :
I added levers that closes and opens doors (Color related) ,and maybe something else in the future.

Hope you guys like the progress this week :)
I will start working on story-telling materials, such as text dialogues and signs that you can read.
Have a good day and see you next week.

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