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In this week's update, we investigate the true inner-workings of one of the more notorious J10 corporations and release an all new INT-themed short story to the world.

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Weekly Update Overlays

Salutations to loyal followers and newcomers alike! Welcome to the latest entry into the ever-growing compendium of “Weekly Updates” for the science-fiction/western RPG known only to the world as INT!

As per always, we have got some great new material to share with you all regarding the game’s overall progress, but there are still a few pesky pieces of general news to go over beforehand. Do not worry, this will not take long.

After the success of our “Year in Review” video, the Starboard Games LLC team has collectively decided to develop a series of short videos (about one-to-two minutes in length) to accompany our “Weekly Updates” in the future. The current plan is to initially update many of our older articles first and then move forward from there. To get an idea of what sort of content we shall be releasing in these videos, make sure to check out “Weekly Update #3” as the video for that week was launched earlier in the week. Also, let us know in the comments below or on social media what you think of this initiative and whether there is anything you would like us to change.

Speaking of comments and social media, the team is still heatedly debating whether or not to publicly release our convention build for INT online whilst we are at RavenCon. There are many of us who would love nothing more than to provide the public with a short, playable teaser for the game as soon as possible, but we may require your feedback in order to make this a reality. Make sure to let your voice be heard in the comments below or on our Twitter, Facebook, and/or Reddit pages.

Now, with all of that out of the way, let’s get into the news…

State of INT Overlay

As long-time readers of our update series may recall, “Weekly Update #5” delved into those ten corporations whose commercial influence fueled the United Colonies of Earth’s rise to power within the Sol System and beyond.

While many of these industrial superpowers have worked tirelessly to maintain a somewhat pleasant public image to varying effect, there is one corporation among the J10 who seems to have forgotten subtlety altogether.

08_Harm (2)

|| Always Watching... Always... ||

While the name HARM might paint a vivid image of how the company operates, readers may be shocked to learn that this corporation is not a producer of weaponry. In fact, HARM specializes in creating sophisticated artificial intelligence for use in robotics, develops systems for use in bio-metric security, and maintains the most utilized web browser in interstellar space. They are, in a sense, the tech company of the 23rd century and they are freely collecting all of the data they can on the population because of it.


The harm of HARM is not in what they have created, it is in what they collect and who they protect. Their surveillance systems are capable of identifying specific individuals with close to 99% accuracy from great distances. Their artificial intelligence pushes memory and mimicry capacities within those systems it is placed within. Their digital security systems are top-notch, adaptive, and are trusted with guarding many of the J10’s most profitable patents as well as their deepest secrets.


|| HARM drones are designed to fly high above an unsuspecting populace to keep an eye on them ||

While the name HARM may not be adept from a public relations point of view, this is a company that does not have to worry about public perception as they are wholly capable of protecting themselves and their own interests.


|| These cameras can pick out intricate features and profile individuals from extreme distances ||

State of Starboard

Conversation within the Starboard Games LLC team has been surprisingly laid back this week whilst everyone works on completing their tasks before the end of the month. That is not to say that nothing is going on, however, as it has recently come to light that a few members of the team have decided to start up an internal D&D campaign to play through when they find free time. There is the possibility that we might open up future sessions to live-streaming, but this is not a certainty and thus I can make no promises. Knowing the group involved, however, I am sure it would be quite a bit of fun to watch though.

In other news, the INT team has begun searching for a talented artist to join the team so as to help create promotional materials for the game. This artist would be working closely with INT’s PR Lead and other members of upper management so as to help bring the vision of an intense, war-torn galaxy caught in the throes of an interstellar civil war to life. If this sounds interesting to you, feel free to contact our hiring team through our Contact Us page on the INT-Game Website.

Media of the Week

This week I come bearing another amazing short story authored by INT’s very own Lead Writer, David Horwitz, and read by the amazing voice of Lead Animator, Mark Roenfeldt.

In this particular narrative, we look into the life of Alexandra; an imaginative gas miner who seems to have grown quite tired of her life within a lone and distant gas colony. When she goes into work on this fateful day, however, something happens at the security checkpoint that could potentially change her life forever or end it within an instant.

As Terrible

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