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Welcome to our Weekly Update 28. This week we will take a sneak peek at recent work done by Joe, our Sound Designer. We will also be going into some detail regarding our attendance at Con of the Mountain in Clifton Forge. Continuing our look at the J10 corporations, this week we will look at Aphros Advising.

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Hello Rogues and Sharpshooters! Welcome to this week’s update.

This week, we’re taking a peek at what’s going on behind the scenes in the sound department. Just what has Joe, our sound design lead, been up to the past two months? Additionally, we have a convention update for you guys in the State of Starboard Games!

With that, let’s jump in!

This week, we’re taking a look into the world of sound design. Here’s a little secret – games feel incomplete without sound. If you think about the world around you, you’re never sitting in complete silence. There are small ambient noises – water dripping in your sink, the hum of a fan, the jingling bell on a cat collar. Sound is what makes a game feel alive.

When I joined the team back in July, Joe Thom joined with me. He’s our Sound Designer, and we cannot be happier that he’s around.

Joe created the the alarms featured in our fourth trailer when Matt, our art director, finished working on these alarm lights. You can hear them in the trailer below:

Imagine walking down that hallway without the fire cracking, with out the alarms blaring in your ears. The desperation, the fear would be sucked out of the situation; all you’d have are flashing lights.

When we test, we test in silence. But that’s changing slowly. We’ll have more from Joe on the podcast for August so keep an eye out for that. We’ll be asking him about his process and how he became interested in sound design; it’s sure to be exciting.

We wanted to give you guys a team update, along with some announcements for this last full week of August.

First up, we are going to be at Con of the Mountain in Clifton Forge, Virginia! That’s going to take place on September 30th through October 2nd. Our team will be there with a booth and a panel; you’ll have an opportunity to play our demo and meet our team! Check out www.conofthemountain.com for more details.

We’re continuing our look at the J10 corporations this week. This week we look at the commercial and residential development investors at Aphros.

Aphros aggressively defended the corporations it held a majority stake in, and its stockpile of various currencies, during World War III. Bold commercial and residential development projects in war-torn areas provided the corporation with huge profits as well as the goodwill of the public. With investments in most of the major corporations, Aphros supplies loans and advice to enable the development of new technologies and colonies on ever-more distant planets.

That’s it from us this week. We’ll be keeping you up-to date on our development progress and other fun stuff over on our on Facebook and Twitter.

Feedback? Send it to us on social media. We’d love to hear from you.

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