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Post news RSS Weekly Update #27: Have Concept Art, Will Travel

Welcome to this week's update! This update features new concept arts created by our Concept Artist, Deborah Woo. Continuing on our look at the J10 corporations, we will be taking a closer look at Zeus Industries.

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Weekly Update Overlays

Hello renegades and sharpshooters! Welcome to this week’s update.

We’ve got a lot to cover this week, including some work from one of our concept artists, Deborah Woo. Then, we’ll take another peak at some travel documents from the Creative Development team.

With that, let’s jump right in.

State of INT Overlay

Concept art is where the world starts – at least in terms of shape, color and physical space. To give you an idea of the process our art team uses, Art Director, Matt, gives a request to his art team. Deborah takes that request and produces a number of sketches. In this case, that request was for a warehouse on Bastion.


The art team reviews those sketches, and Matt decides on which ones Deborah should flesh out. Those sketches are then available for the 3D modelling phase.

warehousefleshout2 (1)

In this case, Matt is working with both images to create the warehouse model.

State of Starboard

This week, we’re featuring another excerpt from our writing team. Dave and Debbie have been hard at work these past few months developing and fleshing out the documents the player will read in-game.

Below is an excerpt from the Travel Document for New Terra:

System: Novus
Distance from Bastion: 7.15 Light years
Moons: 1 (Haelan)
Capitol: Polix

Planning your next trip? Looking for fun and excitement, but also want a way to honor the fighting women and men of the UCE? New Terra is home to the UCE’s largest and most prestigious military academy, the Alexandria Cadet Academy. The city of Gymnston on the continent Urex houses this massive institution, and each year more of the city is fed into the academy’s campus to meet its increasing demands. In addition to the military school, twelve traditional universities and colleges dot the cityscape. As such, the city as well as the planet have become known as the cultural and population center of the Core.

The planet’s most intriguing natural flora are the Tilom trees, most dwarfing Californian Redwoods at an average of 435 feet in height. These impressive ecological specimens serve the community by providing a passageway for the canopy rail lines that hugs the treetops. For their speed and beautiful views, these railways remain the preferred method of travel for the citizens of the planet needing to get from the outskirts of a city to the denser interiors. They also serve as fantastic mobile skyways, providing some of the most breathtaking vistas in the Core.

Polix, capitol of New Terra, is a wondrous sight for visitors and citizens alike. Often called the Glass City, Polix’s skyline blooms with massive corporate structures, each sporting translucent walls and windows. Denizens are free to witness the efficiency with which UCE companies function. Within that district, the J-10 operates exclusively on the tenth floor of the TenStar building, which functions as a headquarters of sorts. Additionally, the Interstellar Police Force has a large training campus within the city. This makes the surrounding metropolitan region one of the safest places in the Core. One can visit the casinos, diners, and recreation facilities without concern for their wellbeing, and instead focus on relaxing or partying the night away.

Media of the Week

Continuing our look at the J10 corporations, we’re taking a closer look at Hera’s former partner, Zeus Industries. The automobile-giant-turned-space-exploration-corporation leads the J10 from its location on Jupiter’s atmospheres.


Starting out as an automobile manufacturer, Zeus Industries expanded its vehicular product lines and its operations rapidly in the 21st century. Its joint research program with Hera led to the creation of the first Interstellar Drive System (IDS), enabling the planetary colonization boom during the 22nd and 23rd centuries. As the leader of the J10, Zeus is in a position to continue expanding its power and influence well into the future, particularly with the aid of its military-minded allies among the J10 directorate.

That’s it from us this week. We’ll be keeping you up-to date on our development progress and other fun stuff over on our on Facebook and Twitter. In addition, we are still looking for new team members! Check out the careers page for more information.

Feedback? Send it to us on social media. We’d love to hear from you.

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