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Improving the user experience with a better interface.

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This week I got a lot hammered out. You'll see in the uploaded picture that stat boxes are added in.

middle gui for lich

They add a lot to the feel of the game, as well as start introducing stats into the game. Right now, Hit points and damage dealt are in, but I'm going to start adding defense and shields that take damage before being destroyed.

middle gui for magic hunter 1

Also, after playing Age of Empires, Tiny War game and Warcraft 2, I decided no Real Time strategy game would be complete without that side bar to help you select actions. So here's an example one, from a wizard that has learned 5 spells by building up his fortress. These add a lot to the feel of the game.

gui for promo 1

Lot's of cool objects walls and roofs to add as we finish up on user interface. Tune in next week for more! Leave a comment and say hi!

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