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Keycode Doors, Savegames and arbitrarily sized rooms.

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Hi everyone,

Quick update on progress for the week:

Keycode doors and regular door open/close buttons
All doors now have controls associated with them. These currently come in regular and keycode flavors, but I intend to add more. Keycode doors are fully functional and require a code to open. The code required will either be dropped by an enemy on the level, or be found in a container. I may also experiment with scrawling codes on walls - but this may be easily missed by players. Once keycode doors are opened, they are able to be open/closed at will without re-entering the code (to allow for escapes/crushing enemies).

Rooms can have arbitrary size
Since the early days of development, I always intended the game to have large rooms with high ceilings, or to be able to walk on suspended walkways high above things like roaring hyperspace engines. The engine supports these huge rooms, but the dungeon digger currently only digs 2x high rooms. More complex arrangements will be coming soon.

Main Menu and Savegames
Dungeons and player progress can now be saved from the ingame pause menu, and resumed from the main menu. Eventually I will add hardcore/permadeath modes where saving is only permissable on exiting the game. Regular game modes will be allowed to save anywhere.

Thanks for your interest in the game!


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