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Here at the end of week 3 we have accomplished a great deal and the game is starting to both feel and look nice.

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This weeks programming has resulted in quite a bit of features. More special abilities has been added to the game where the idea is that every class will have their unique set of abilities. 2 classes has been added to the game to choose from.

Support for attaching particle emittors to objects in the game has also been added. Looks really cool on weapons and torches in the environment! Enemies can also drop loot, health potions and weapons, that can be picked up. There's also fire based enemies now, who explodes on death and deals fire damage.

Last but not least, our animation system has been upgraded and the character now blends running animations based on the direction it's facing and the direction it is going.

Level design started building 2 test dungeons. Scripting spawn events, placing props, lighting etc. These will be used for early play testing to see what to keep and what to scrap. Also continued working on our custom Maya tool, now being able to place enemies in Maya with rotation.

The artists have been working on floor and walls, props (treasure chest, plants, pressure plate, firetrap and potions) textures and animations. Our first enemy is soon to be done and our second playable character will be made next week.

First enemy concept for Lair of the MadHat
Concept for our first enemy

We are aiming for a gameplay trailer at the end of next week and of course updating you with the new features. See you next week!

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