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This week we will discuss a trope used in almost all sci-fi and fantasy video games, it has existed since the dawn of gaming and is as timeless as cheat codes: Automated turrets!

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Hello Sci-Fi/Western RPG fans and welcome to the latest and greatest “Weekly Update” for INT!

The march forges on! Well, figuratively speaking. The RavenCon is fast approaching, and gods forbid we find excuses to lift our butts off of our seating apparatuses and not working hard on our convention build! Textures, models, animations, codes, not one day the convention build does not receive a facelift!

Now, let us move on with this week's article!

Automated turrets! Injury-causing, harmful-material-spewing placements that are more than happy to spice up an otherwise euphoric scenery or turn a leisurely stroll down a path into an adrenaline-inducing gauntlet. What they have to say for themselves? "Beepidy BEEP, Just doing my job..." In fact, some do away the explanation by offering you the next stream of hurt from their business ends.

The placement of turrets is quite a trope in video games. They hint towards the seriousness or importance of an area, the imminent rise in obstacle difficulty; in some cases, they simply indicate a change of environment, or offer players a new type of enemies to keep things fresh. The derelict White House in Fallout 3, for example was full of turrets and other automatons that cautions the player to heed of this monumental establishment, even in its now pityful state.

Players may expect to encounter their fair share of turrets in the INT universe. Set in the distant future with advanced technology, unmanned weapon placements are commonly deployed by the ACP and UCE in their struggle to gain control of the system. Some turrets will also be found under civilian employment, acquired through questionable means, towards questionable ends.

After all, turrets do not tire like meat-sacks would, need no food, and possess no biological falters. Through sophisticated programming they receive their directives, they will stand vigilant while their masters sleep, eat or perform whatever to meet their biological needs, they will carry out their directives exactly as their programming prescribes; second thoughts are redundant biological luxury.

Wear-and-tear is such a trivial matter compared to biological deterioration. Some elbow grease, a few screws and bolts, spare parts if necessary. Dead material do not discriminate. While that soldier's freshly stitched body is reasoning whether or not to like its new bladder, this turret here does not give out so much as a groan.

Automatons, constructed for specific roles, programmed for specific tasks, the highest level of intelligence they are able to achieve are defined by their creators. A turret does not question the morality of its actions, it does not beg for mercy, and it certainly does not need your pity. Tools do not feel, but what about their makers?

During the past week, our PR Lead Jacob Deming has decided to step down from that role to pursue a career in coding. While it is sad for us to see him leave the team, we wish him all the best in his chosen career path. We apologize for the delay in this weekly update, however we are dedicated to maintain our momentum and will continue to produce regular updates in the future!

For fans of our project and the INT Plays D&D stream, fear not! The “INT Plays D&D” group shall still be gathering on Saturdays to stream their crazy campaign of armored walls, annoyed highwaymen, a crazed druid, and a demonic warlock who seems to have been dragged into their travels. Come and join them and witness the awful/amazing voice-acting a bunch of game developers have given their characters.

Today we have a Sketchfab render of the turret players might encounter during our RavenCon demo. A big THANKS to Matt and the Art team for providing us with this preview!

In addition to that, we also have the latest episode of Polygon Pilgrimage: Easy Unity Bombing Run!

Also, you will be able to find all of the Pilgrimage videos by visiting: Polygonpilgrimage.com join the pilgrimage!

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