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Ambient life, deer's idle routine, terrain painting, bugfixes...

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The first week on Indie DB was quite productive. I manage to overcome the biggest obstacle there is when developing a game - choosing name. I hope you like "On the Hunt" more than "Venator".
I am not going to mention a lot of bugfixes, since it would be a pretty extensive list.



Other than bugfixes, a deer finally has its own fur as you can see in the attached image. I've developed a fur editor, so I can easily "shave" animals. It proved to be quite popular the the fur editor itself can evolve in a minigame. Deer's idle routine is half finished, it already plays 14 animations, but there is still many left (we already have 70 animations, but 56 are not yet in the game). You can see a lot of them in the video. The biggest issue left to solve in deer's idle routine is its instant rotation. I am using a vanilla DetourCrowd, which does not properly handle rotations and it will be a lot of work to fix this.

Ambient life - fox

Ambient life includes small animals, living freely in the world and they ignore everything but the player. They do not group in any herds. There is always a certain small number of ambient life animals spawned around the player. As he moves far animals are despawned and new animals are spawned closer to the player. At the moment the only ambient animals are foxes and they spawn in the whole map. This will change in the future. Ambient life animals have the simplest behaviour, and it is already mostly implemented. They are idle until the player gets close to them and then they run away. You can see this behaviour together with an explanation in the video.

Terrain - textures

A script has been developed which paints texture on the terrain. It's quite simple but it has great results, as you can see in the image. There are only three rules now, one is that the texture is based on the slope of the terrain. The second rule is that there is a special texture around some objects, such as trees and stones. The final rules is that there is some noise. These three rules make the terrain looks much more natural. I assume more rules will be introduced in the future (e.g. rodes, rivers, ...).

Terrain textures paint automatically by a script


Player is now able to aim, which means that a special animation set is played, field of view is lowered and LOD system matches this new FOV. However grass render distance still ignores the FOV change and there is no scope.

Player can also jump now, however the jump is too unnatural, long and it feels more like a glide. It definitely needs more tweaking.

Rocks and trees are collidable now, however while rocks' collision geometry is matching, trees use box collision geometries loosely matching their shape.

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