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This is PT 2 of the weekly update dump. It is this weeks update.

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Weekly update 002

This week I did jack squat in the grand scheme of things. I did a little bit of the map in terms of counties and I tried to grapple with how I'm gonna handle the Colourmap.DDS (You know, paint the world onto the terrain. Make mountains look like mountains... Make the giant purple ass scar actually purple...)

[In terms of the future of the mod, the short term is to get one section of the world finished and tucked away without having to worry about the rest. I am focusing on the Old Ascalon area since it is my fave place in terms of Human reconquest. Next up I have also got to start work on the Colourmap.dds and Topology.BMP, both of these are really important to the overall feel of the mod and will allow me to further get a handle on things. One other thing I wish to add to the mod but will most likely come after I've gotten a at least functionally fun demo of the mod out is that of events! I'm going to split it up into two sections. one will be a sub mod for the main mod that will add some non GW Related events but events that will link it to other fictional universes (I was gonna add a Primaris Space marine crashing to Tyria event and killing all non humans and such. Tbd)]

[So far the only thing in the works is me trying to put together Old Ascalon with naming all the counties and duchies. I've gotten a method in my mind now so it will proceed a bit faster. I have not yet put these into an updated version of the mod. Unfortunately]

[Ah, back again at the rambling part of the update... Where I am actually allowed to ramble rather than it slipping through. I am feeling good about the mod but it is hard to actually work on it when you have no one helping or encouraging you. My family are actively discouraging me, I know right?!, and my friends don't play CK2 so it's hard for them to find anyway to help out.

I wanna ask if it is ok if anyone wants to help out! I know most of you will not want to but I'd enjoy it if you could do something as simple as throw names for counties, Castles, Towns and Temples. Simply join the discord and @ me in the names channel or leave me a comment with the template of *Castle: Addleton fort*. idk. Thanks :3]

Signed: Acturian Vi Gent 'The Dreamer'
Discord: Discord.gg

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