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Post news RSS Weekly Recap #33 & #34: Game dev fact and new enemy

Last week, we worked on getting things ready for the Gamescom and the BETA. So, it happened to be a mix between folding flyers and implementing new stuff.

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Hi Guys,
Last week we mainly worked on being ready for Gamescom 2019, and we also continue to produce new concepts and elements of the lore.

New Elements and Concepts

Talking about new stuff, here's the "Shield" enemy. We needed an enemy with low speed and immuned to basic spell, but that can still be knockback.

Here are the researches done to find the right look of that new enemy. Game design-wise, we felt like the snail-like enemy was the best pick for that "Shield" enemy we needed in Nanotale.

This is another concept art showing you the village in the Sunken Caves from a different perspective.

And here's how it looks like in game.

The prologue in Nanotale is a specific part of the forest where you learn how to move and interact with the environment. It's also where the story begins.

We needed that part to be different from the core of the Ancestral Forest. Here are the new pine trees created for the prologue.

Game Evolution

Something I like to do is to take screenshots of the same place each time we take a big step in development. Here's the evolution of a specific scene from the level design "blockout" version to the decorated one (without lighting yet).

Game dev fact

When something is placeholder you'll have to tell it 10 000 times until your team stops asking you if it's the definitive asset.

Apparently here, the artist who placed that rock wanted to avoid questions 🤣

Here's the concept art of the element that will replace the placeholder asset above. That rock tells you a story from Nanotale's lore.

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Thank you for reading.


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