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Post news RSS Weekly Development Update #5! (3/10/13)

Another awesome development update for Asterogue! Features: New Sound Effects! Bridge animations! Shadow effects! Beginning of balancing! Customization of Equipment! Tweaks!!

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Reliably late as always, it's another Asterogue Development Update Video! Hold your applause until the end, please.

We spent this week working on polishing and balancing the game in anticipation of our GDC showcase demo in two week's time. Because of this we don't have quite so many new features to show off as usual. If you keep your eyes and ears open during the video, though, you'll still notice lots of cool new content.

Highlights this week include:

  • Sound effects! Battle has never sounded this good!
  • Bridge animations!
  • Shadow effects under characters!
  • The beginnings of balancing the damage and health of the player and enemies so that gameplay is actually fun!
  • Rearrange your equipped Modules to make the most of your Loadout.
  • Tons of tweaks to the battle system -- the player is invincible after taking damage, enemy attacks can be interrupted, and more!

This is it, then. Only two more videos to go before the big GDC deadline. Do you think we'll make it? You'll just have to come back next week to find out! See you then, Asteroids!

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