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Post news RSS Weekly Development Update #1 (2/4/13)

Our first weekly development update on Asterogue. Features: Procedural Dungeon Layout, Map Visualization, Exploration, Touch Gestures and Early Combat Features.

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It's that time of the week again! Well, not again per se. This is the first one of these, but it's going to be a weekly thing after this, you know? Anyway, it's time for:

Weekly Development Update #1!

This has been a big week for us Real Humans. For the past four weeks, we've been working on getting our toolchain up and running and writing up a lot of abstract systems — procedural dungeon generation, weapon statistics generation, 2.5D camera stuff — all of which are vital to the game, but don't demo especially well.This week, though, we started pulling things together in a way that you can actually capture on video. We've got explorable multi-room dungeons, prototype enemies, and a number of usable player weapons to show off in this video. It's not pretty yet, but it's beginning to look more like a game.Changes highlighted for the week of 2/4/13:

  • Procedural dungeon layout
  • Map visualization of the dungeon layout
  • Dungeon exploration
  • Touch gestures and controls
  • Early combat features — Dodging, attack types, basic enemies

Come back next week for more additions to the combat system and, should everything go as planned, the first trickle of actual art assets!

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