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This week will be talking about level design ingredients. As well as their types and why they were chosen.

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As we were developing the tools needed to build the level in which the player will play, some questions came around, like, what type of objects should be on top of high buildings? Are they going to be interactable? Or could they have animations? This week article will be all about these ingredients, so here we go.

First and foremost, there are 3 type of level ingredients:

  • Interactables
  • Obstacles
  • Environmental

In the Interactables. These ingredients are very dynamic, because not only the player needs to pay special attention to them, but they also have animations that will help the player to understand that they are more than a simple asset:

  • Enemies. You know, those kinds of baddies that hurt you whenever they attack you first. So you better be fast!
  • Drones. These interactable ingredients cannot hurt the player, but they will allow to have a bigger range of choices in which path to progress in the game.

The Obstacles are static entities that will be in game to either help or hinder the player progression:

  • Pipelines
  • Steel Beams
  • Air Conditioning Vents
  • Crates
  • Fences

So, because these can be straight forward on what their purpose is, we already have done some art to get a better feeling on how they will look like.

Box1 Box2 Box2 wide Box1 tall

Some examples of the "Crates" ingredients

to avoid repeatability in case it is needed to add multiple


This is a "Pipeline".

It is an important element to the level because it will add more depth to the gameplay

And finally, the environmental ingredients. These are ingredients that the player will not interact with directly but may impact on how the environment can be perceived.

  • Stairs;
  • Grilled Windows, where the player passes behind them. This will be fun, as it adds variety to the visual gameplay.

To end this weekly report, here it is a piece of all the ingredients that were done so far together.

sprites together

All that you see here is still subjected to change.

Oh, and don't mind the character x)

It is all for this week,
Hope to see you next time.

Zapowa Games team!

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