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Backgrounds week! Some still backgroungds, its value study, some color variants and a prop that improves the atmosphere.

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As we are approaching the end of our pre-production we had set up to do our final backgrounds. And that's what we did. However, we are aiming to also add a parallax effect into the background so a little more time is needed. Nevertheless, starting with the background values study, here is the result:

BGValues start BGValues end

Value study on start/end of the level

The main idea here was to have a simple background level with the same colour. Although, by giving another tone to it as the game progresses it transmit a feelling of progression. In this case from night dawn.

BG start BG end

Night and Dawn

as Beginning and End of the level

By adding a moon, we wanted to add more atmosphere to the scene:

moon start moon end

These are the pixel art moons variants of those that were published 2 weeks ago

Which finally lead to these final images

BG WithMoon start BG WithMoon end

From Night to Dawn, the still background images that will replace one with another

Next week we are aiming to have the parallax effect done with buildings in front. We will also start on the character creation based on the concept art done before.

And for now,

It is all for this week,
Hope to see you next time.

Zapowa Games team!

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