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Weekly update for game Myosotis's polish version. (week 04/08 - 04/15 )

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What’s New?

In this week,

  • We finished the story mode!
  • We polished the visual effects of slide notes/hold notes and tap notes.
  • We generated up to 6 songs.

What’s the Motivation?

We made these changes based on the feedback we got from the play testing, and also our plan. The story mode is one of our game feature and is what makes our game different from others. But considering our game will be shown on the showcase and each audience only has several minutes to play the game, we also add a free mode to adapt our game to the showcase, and also enable us to add more songs to our game. The motivation of adding the story plot is we want to make our game has some practical significance and you should understand what I am saying after you unlock the ending of the game! :)

The polish of the visual effects is based on the feedback we got. The previous red color is too nervous for the players, so we change our color pattern to make it more friendly and relaxed. Also the slide notes effect has some improvements since it is our game's another interesting feature!

What’s Next?

Since we only have one week left, we will finish some ending work. To finish some remaining small tasks, to make the final polish, and to prepare for the showcase!

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