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Weekly update for game Myosotis's beta version. (week 04/01 - 04/08 )

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What’s New?

In this week,

  • We implemented the new slide note.
  • We added the visual effects of the arrival of the notes.
  • We produced the trailer!

What’s the Motivation?

We made these changes based on the feedback we got from the play testing, and also our plan. The slide note is the most technologically difficult part in our game, and is controlled by the joy sticks on the controller. This note is a great representative of our innovating but intuitive mapping mechanism, and will bring player freshness. Furthermore, during the play test, and according to the feedback we got from previous versions, the explosion visual effects is a critical part for the user game experience since they will harvest a feeling of accomplishment by hitting the notes and get a intuitive feedback from the screen. Finally, as a necessary part for the marketing, we combined our game mechanism and story plot to generate a great trailer!

What’s Next?

We will work on adding more songs into our game, adding transitions between scenes, and some other tiny problems to make our game more polished.

We will also work on the story plot of the game to make it more complete! And it should be the most important task left on.

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