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Weekly update article for The Memory. (03/25 - 04/01)

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What’s New?

In this week,

  • We first implemented an interactive tutorial to replace our previous static image tutorial.
  • We deleted the redundant “red ring” feature.
  • We changed our notes’ accelerated movement to uniform motion by changing the mathematical model we employed previously.
  • We also fixed the score calculation algorithm bug and the Easy-to-Cheat bug.
  • We changed the visual effects of the arrival of the notes.
  • We added two new songs!

What’s the Motivation?

We made these changes based on our original plan set at the beginning of the semester and also the feedback we got from the play testing. So during the play test, some players respond that the tutorial contains too much text and is hard to grasp its main idea in a short time. We hope our tutorial can be more intuitive and the player will have no difficulty in playing the game after finishing the tutorial. As a result, we implemented an interactive tutorial.

And since we planned to add a new kind of note (will be discussed in the next part), we deleted the “red ring” note since its functions can be completed by the new note.

Based on the play testing, some players respond that it is difficult for them to figure out when a note will arrive because of the acceleration. To solve this problem, we changed our mathematical model and implemented the uniform motion for the notes.

In order to provide more choice for the players (and also to help with the story plot which we will implement soon), we added two new songs with three difficulties, so that different players can choose proper difficulty levels to get fun! Some new players always say they suffer from the hard level :)

What’s Next?

We will work on adding a new note called "slide bar note" to our game, which is controlled by the joy sticks on the controller. It will be a difficult task and require much time.

We will also work on the story plot of the game to make it more complete!

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