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I wish I could just sit around all day and work on this game :P!

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So this weekend didn't really turn out into the coding session I planned it to be =/ But I managed to implement a few things(Pics are up) - Because I already have a nice item generator in place, I decided to alter it slightly to create a quick spell system!

Spell System *
It's pretty basic so far but it's good enough so far, Basically I have 4 types of spells so far and have created one for each:
*Single Target - Fire pillar(Conjures a pillar of fire on the target mob, does 10 damage straight up + 1 burn damage a second for 4 seconds.
*AoE - Fire Blast(Conjures a blast of fire from the base player, anything it hits takes 7 damage and +1 burn for 3 seconds.
*Buff - Haste(Self cast spell that speeds up targets attack speed for 10 seconds by 0.2)
*Debuff - Slow(Slows targets movement speed by 0.4 for 5 seconds)

So yea that's coming along nicely, I'm just trying to figure out a better way of doing it, so far it's kind of Diablo style, there's 4 keys defined for each spell type and you can only have 1 set to each key. I plan to have a full on RPG style bar across the bottom where you can drag and drop spells to keybinds.

I found it a bit odd I hadn't implemented any kind of leveling/exp system in yet so I created an average algorithm for that, because I added random skills and attributes to mobs I thought it might be nice to just base the exp they give on the stats they have. So if they are quite strong mobs it calculates how strong they are in comparison to the player and determines how much exp to give. Exp to level increases each time you level, I just did a simple "ExpToLevel *= 1.2 * Level" for now.

Skill progression
Again I've just added a basic skill progression so far, if you use ranged weapons, your ranged skill increases, if you use lets say an axe, your axe skill increases etc...Based it on Skyrims.

Added some blood effects that appear when someone takes damage, they look pretty cool.

Oh and finally! I made mobs drop random loot, 1 item per mob atm until I add potions,elixers and some form of currency into the game.

Also the pictures of the game I upload will not be what it looks like in the final release or demo, I am using placeholder models and skins for the most of it, I'm focusing mostly on the mechanics and systems before getting to the designing stage.

I think that's everything I added this weekend other than fixing up some bugs, If I think of anything else I'll post it up

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