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Here we have information on the Beta version of our game, and our reasoning for different updates.

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For this iteration, we have changed our user interface to make it less "default Unity"-like by setting up custom backgrounds and custom fonts. We changed our flashlights to work with mouse buttons rather than keyboard keys, and we also changed our map into four separate quadrants rather than the original nine. We changed the radar so that it only shows up when the red battery is being used, and this in the center of the screen so that it is easily visible. We should hopefully have resolved the issue where the game switches from fullscreen to windowed at certain points. We reduced the amount of ship parts that need to be collected as well from nine to four. There is also a toast system that shows a message when a player enters a new quadrant, and notifies them whether they have collected the ship part for that area.

We have made these changes because the feedback we got was that the map felt too unchanging, and players felt that mouse buttons were better than keyboard keys for using batteries. The feedback also told us that the radar made the game feel less mysterious; instead of scrapping the radar entirely, we made it show up only on certain occasions (meaning when the red battery is used). The toast system that notifies whether the player has collected the ship part for a certain quadrant should hopefully make it easier for the player to figure out their next goal. Coming up next, we want to make sure our endgame is working properly and players are able to reach it. We have a cutscene set up for the end where the player rebuilds their ship, so we have to make sure it looks good. We also have to make sure that players like our radar and battery setup, and that they understand the functions of different battery abilities. If they do not, we will add in some more guidance or rework our informational toast systems.

Link to game - Here

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