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This week we add in some new perk cards for bosses and address some bugs!

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Patched Today!

We are smoothing out some of the issues in last weeks update. Thank you very much to everyone who has been playing. Record numbers of people are playing and everyone is playing more and longer than ever before! Unfortunately there are some bugs in the cards, as well as matchmaking and rewards having problems. This patch fixes some of those problems.

If and when we have a solution so some of the other problems blocking rewards and matchmaking, we will most likely patch again before the next major update.

New Cards

Added boss perk unlocks that allow players to fill all perk slots.

  • At 2nd level, a perk that only costs 2 points
  • At 6th level, a perk that costs 0 points


Elemental Perks

  • Level 2 - Scorching Claws
  • Level 6 - Molten Birth

Queen of the Northern Wastes

Giant Perks

  • Level 2 - Awakened Force
  • Level 6 - Built to Last


Mechanical Perks

  • Level 2 - Rapacious Scavenging
  • Level 6 - Surplus Gear


Spirit Perks

  • Level 2 - Spectral Escort
  • Level 6 - Sweep of Battle


Warlord Perks

  • Level 2 - Tempered Blades
  • Level 6 - Patron's Boon

Card Fixes

  • ice move debuff lingering
  • bleed affecting structures
  • boss tick attacks v hero tenacity
  • recycler no effect
  • absorption field healing on 0 dmg
  • deflect attack unlimited uses
  • ritual of dawn description
  • last sunrise no effect
  • full charger updating on damage
  • blast shield repeating during channels
  • pack mentality calculation
  • monk's tale heal targeting
  • frozen to the core breaking frost cantrip
  • fixed damage on calculating strike

Minions Everywhere!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a game server problem that was blocking rewards
  • Fixed a matchmaking server problem that was blocking rewards
  • Fixed a client problem that was blocking rewards
  • Fixed Defense Rewards screen being blocked by Daily Rewards screen

Known Bugs

  • Casual matchmaking algorithm does not distribute raids broadly enough among players. It seems to favor the players that play the most more than intended.
  • Reflect attack damage is 0
  • Blizzard golem doesn't debuff 0 attack heroes
  • The timing of the 300 gold award for completion of the tutorial is before the actual award screen pops up.
  • Packs may occasionally appear to only reward 3-4 cards when opened when there are duplicates in a pack. The newly acquired cards should be visible in the Deck Editor, but there is not special indication that they are new yet. Re-logging in might be necessary in some cases.
  • The first craft/disenchant of a session is slow (4-7 seconds usually) due to server connection/initialization. Subsequent crafts/disenchants should be about 1-2 seconds.
  • You will not get a Replay while you are actively playing, even if you receive the Steam notification that you were raided.
  • Display All Unit Info may not show up in-game even though in Settings it is on. Press 'Tab' to toggle it on and off.


During the last week our Development team as worked on the following items

The Engineering Team worked on new Raid rooms; touch controls; HUD resizing; Quest system; reward entries; ME refractors; projectiles; Multi-action display timing.

The Design Team worked on Card revisions; Card designs.

The Art Team worked on Shield Runner; Spirit of Magma re-texturing; Sorcerer attack and hit preps;Sorcerer melee attack; Rockshard cyclone; Card Crafting FX; Sunspawn minion; Starfall eye FX.

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