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New scenes added, and juice improvements. Also fixed a fair number of parsec related bugs.

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This is Fish Simulator, a two player game where fish race to escape from their tanks.

What’s New?

  • Fixed Parsec crashing bug
  • Added squid to ink event, which reduces player energy
  • Added a cutscene that shows where all the tanks are
  • Added a cutscene for the game ending
  • Added animation for all the AI fish
  • Added parallax to the game background
  • Updated oyster sprite and collider box
  • Updated hue of second player
  • Made game events target a player based on a negative feedback loop
  • Tutorial has been updated to include more information
  • Pufferfish has been changed to become an enemy fish
  • New title screen
  • More bug fixes

What’s the Motivation?

The main goal for our gold release was to reduce the number of remaining bugs, and add juice where we could. We have added quite a few new scenes around the rougher parts of our game which haven’t changed since our first release: the title screen, and the ending screen. We also tackled some older bugs, such as issues with our jump mechanic and buggy movement of the fish upon landing in water. No major new game mechanics were added, but balance has been tweaked after feedback.

What’s Next?

  • At this point, the game is in a finished state. However, here is our “wishlist” of features
  • Animations for all of the sprites in the game
  • Parallax for the various tanks
  • Ability to choose a mix of five tanks before a game, similar to selecting a stage
    • This would involve adding more tank types, and then letting the host pick which tanks they wanted to use in a game
  • Multiple rounds
  • Varied player characters, with different abilities
    • A swordfish character
    • A piranha
  • Better lighting and aesthetic
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