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Post news RSS Week #3: Weapons, shields, score and money and new artists!

This was a busy week! I've done some serious progress on the game's systems. Weapons, shields, score and money have been implemented and new artists joined the team. Read more!

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Hell yeah this was a busy week with a lot of news!!!!


First of all I want to let you know that I've teamed up with two amazing artists that will help me with the game's assets.Juan Novelletto from nastycloud is going to create all the in-game assets (ships, bases, etc.) and Juan Omykron is helping with the menus and eventually a game trailer.
I'm really happy to be working with both of them! They're amazing artists.Here you can see the first batch of assets, the spaceships!

And two amazing speed paint of those assets!

Game progress

On the programming side, I've done a lot of progress... I'm thinking about starting to write daily posts to make them smaller. I'll see if I can do it!This is a list of finished tasks:

  • Added multiple rounds: Now I have all the systems in place to start adding multiple songs, and each song with its set of synchronized events.
  • Added money and score systems: I've abstracted the scoring system (it was hardcoded inside the capture the flag scene) and created a money management system too. Now when you blow up another player's ship you get $$$ to be used in new weapons and shields!
  • Weapons and shields systems: Now players can carry more than one weapon and a shield. I'll be working on fine-graining the ammo consumption and acquisition soon. I'm also deciding if I'll add reload time or not, I'll conduct some playtesting and see how players react to that.
  • Implemented a bunch of weapons: Laser, Double Laser, Triple Laser, Spiral Laser and Glitcher. Will start playing around with different ideas for weapons soon.
  • Added rudimentary feedback for weapon selection in UI. Will wait until Omykron creates the HUD to work extensively on this.
  • Ship now gets healed when standing on base: Instead of adding health power ups around I decided to go with a more realistic way. Go to boxes.
  • Now the game is using mip-mapping for downscaling the assets, in that way they don't look crappy when camera get's too far away.
  • Added Juan Novelletto's assets for the ships.
  • Fixed Joystick detection in Linux.

Below you can see some screenshots for the weapons (click on the image for higher resolution).

Single laser

Triple laser

Spiral laser

The Glitcher (neutralizes enemies for a couple of seconds)

There is the Double laser too, but It's similar to the single and triple, so I left it aside.

I hope you enjoyed this update!

Glitchhiker's fight for The Galaxy aims to be a fast-paced dubstep-glitched 2-4 local multiplayer capture the flag spaceship fighting game.

Downloads: Indiedb.com
DevLog: Forums.tigsource.com
Twitter: @glitchhikers

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