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Added new game events, and a few new tanks. Balanced the game a bit more

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This is Fish Simulator, a two player game where fish race to escape from their tanks

What’s New?

  • New Game Event: The Cat!
    • A cat will try and grab the fish once in a while. Mash the arrow keys to escape its clutches!
  • Sharks!
  • Added a new nature themed tank
  • Added a shark themed tank
  • Added an oyster
    • Holds a pearl, which is very nutritious (counts as a higher valued food)
  • More Balance Changes
    • Overall fish speed increased
    • Tanks are much larger now (including the tutorial screen)
    • Food spawns a little more often, as do the obstacles
  • Added a better background, with some nice art that should give players a hint of where to go.
  • Bug fixes

What’s the Motivation?

The main motivation here was to finish out the remaining features left in our initial game design, and polish out the rest of the game more. The newer background makes the game look much better. We also wanted to balance the game better based on feedback received last week, to make it more enjoyable when competing with another player.

What’s Next?

  • New title screen that is integrated with our Parsec setup screen
  • Some new cutscenes to show the players exactly what to do, and what not to do
  • Animations for the non-player fish in the tank
  • UI Scaling: if there are any weird UI scaling issues on different display sizes, we will focus on fixing that

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