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Added a fair amount of juice, fixed some bugs, and a new mechanic was added.

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This is Fish Simulator, a two player game where fish race to escape from their tanks.

What’s New?

  • Animated main fish swimming and flopping
  • Polished jumping physics
  • Balanced tank placement
  • Added in game events
    • Polluted Tank Event
    • Increased Food Spawning Event
  • Added Scene transitions
  • Added a table for the tanks to sit on
  • Changed to horizontal split screen
  • Bug fixes

What’s the Motivation?

The main goal of this sprint was to polish the game. We prioritized fixing movement physics and balancing the level difficulty. Next, we introduced in-game events like tank pollution to create more variability in gameplay. We also added animations and scene transitions for a more professional feel.

What’s Next?

  • We plan to add enemy AI like the fish owner and a cat that try to prevent the fishes’ escape when the fish try to jump to another tank.
  • Sharks!
  • A few more tanks are in the works, but we think that we will limit the number of tanks to 5.
  • More Balance Changes: This week we made some based on our own playtest, but next week we plan to make more as we get analytics data to work off of.
  • Add a variety of food like small fish with different values and players can only consume food that are smaller than their sizes.
  • Add interactable tank decor and a more fleshed out background.
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