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We hear a Giant stomping through the woods!

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bosscardart giantqueena 1024

Giant Queen Card Art


Over the weekend we have been gearing up and testing Defensive Deck Building and doing playthroughs. We are also bringing out the Giant Queen as a new boss to add to your Deck!

The Engineering Team worked on Server Automation and iOS test builds.

The Art Team worked on Card Back 7 Finished; Card Back 8 Sculpting; Blindswordsman Card Art; Pyroclasm revision; Master Blaster skinning; and Landing screen.

The Design Team worked on Oros bucket cards; Defense design; new Defense Card breakdown; new start of game actions; new Boss draw; new Minotaur perk cards.

The Audio Team worked on Spawn FX and Voice Overs.

giant queen

Giant Queen's Labyrinth

The Race of Giants

Of the Northern Clans, Giants are the largest race of humans. Unlike Orgron, theirs is a matriarchal society, with family groups ruled by a council of warrior women. Giants breed very slowly and are incredibly long-lived. They are also resistant to disease and difficult to kill--a typical giant bears scars from centuries-old battles. They live in harmony with lesser races of men through an exchange of talents. Giants are not particularly industrious, nor are they particularly inventive. On the other hand, it is always useful to have a Giant on your side in the event of a dispute with a neighboring clan. As such, Giants are the de facto peacekeepers with clan society, and as living ancestors, they are treated with great reverence. It is said of Giants that their stature and longevity causes them to see far down the road, and miss those things up close. This makes arousing a Giant to action, or swaying them from their course difficult in more ways than one.

character select   bosses

Giant Queen Boss Selection

Giant Slayer 2

Giant Slayer

Warriors Prayer

Warriors Prayer

Fury Strike

Fury Strike

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