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Firstly I would like to beg you to follow our twitter, we really want it to be our main social media and a single follow helps a lot!

For this week of developing we had to change big things in our game, we couldn't use mechanics as Wall Hang, Wall Slide, Wall Jump and Rope Swing, so we had to re-arrange our level design to fit that in. We started with rooftop actions with Sketch jumping from rooftops to rooftops but we changed that to him jumping from inside a building to inside other buildings until he gets to the end of the level. The first level will just be a mechanical experiment of the keys so the player gets habituated to them, so we will make it vertical and precisious with many precise jumps.

We are still working on this part of the level design, so next week we probably have the first level complete.

We changed the levels to 1 art per level, so that the first level is sketchy and the second level is grayscale and the transitions of the levels are the art changers.

We have re-done the planning so it is more realistic because the other one we had it's completly off of what we can do.

From the programming part it is pendent from the level design because we have all the mechanics done, but our programmer is still improving it.

From the artistic part of the game, we are currently working on animations so that next week we have Sketch animated and in the 2 different designs.

The objective for next week is to have Sketch running and moving in the final first level design.

João Cardeira, WiP Project Manager

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