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This time we will talk about the Virgis Revolt and its movement

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Virgis Movement

The years of mixed fighting between Eastern European countries have caused extremely serious blows to the economies of Eastern European countries, and countries have suffered great losses in these wars.

Before Ottoman's second invasion to Eastern Europe, the economies of countries were on the verge of collapse.

The subsequent wars caused the financial collapse of many countries, such as Sweden and Poland. During the Ottoman's second invasion, Sweden suffered huge losses. In order to maintain huge military costs, Sweden's levy was rampant across the country, and the people were not talking about life. While businessmen took advantage of the country's hardships, the church aggressively annexed farmers' land. A large number of peasants who lost their land fled to the city and became refugees, who eventually gathered together. Vilan, who was also oppressed by the church, was also one of them.

Eventually, under the efforts of him and Mormon, he promoted his ideas, and established many social organizations in Sweden to absorb these exiles and promote revolutionary ideas. Not only that, the community led several operations against the church, and finally held an uprising in eastern Sweden.

After the crazy attack of the Swedish army, they had to retreat to the border of Russia, Poland and Sweden, and established a base there and virgis called it "Waka" which means "Headquerts" in a old and lost Viking language.

Virgis Movement in Poland

Since the start of the Virgis movement led by Viran and Mormon, while defending the offensive of the Swedish army, they have also established contact and understanding with other countries such as Russia and Poland.

The situation in Poland is very similar to the system that Virgis wants to establish. At the same time, the two political entities have a common enemy, Sweden.

Therefore, Poland and Virgis have a closer relationship. Viran was also invited by the Polish King to visit the capital Warsaw and to meet many Polish commanders and Polish nobles. On one side, Viran visited Poland, and on the other side, he assigned his close comrade-in-arms, Bachelor Mormon, to carry out revolutionary propaganda in Poland. The revolutionary ideas of Virges have a strong appeal among the lower ranks of Poland, so many have been established in Polish Societies, but most of them were banned by Polish authorities after Viran returned to the base, and some had to go underground.

However, the situation quickly changed. The Swedish army and the Crusaders carried out a raid on the Virgils headquarters. As a result, General Viran died during the breakout, the Revolutionary Army lost, and the first Virgis movement declared defeat.

At this moment, the Ottoman forces were marching in Eastern Europe, and the Polish-Swedish and Western armies were losing ground. Nevertheless, the Polish-Swedish forces bypassed the front of the Ottomans and attacked the city of Kafa, while Russia battled the Ottomans in Poland A sudden raid on Warsaw City made the Polish capital captured by Russia.

This directly led to the failure of the first Kaffa battle in Poland. Ottoman took the opportunity to occupy southern Poland. While Poland was in distress, Sweden also occupied other Polish territories.

However, Russia and Ottoman fought because of the problem of Warsaw's ownership, and Sweden was also involved.

At this time, Mormon, who was wandering in Warsaw, keenly captured the opportunity. He joined the members of the community to actively act among the people and contributed to Warsaw. The uprising started the second Virgis movement, and also sounded the death knell of feudal rule in Eastern Europe.

Second Virgis Movement

With the Ottoman Empire's full-scale invasion of Eastern Europe, the entire Eastern Europe and those expeditionary forces from Western Europe suffered a lot of losses.

Mormont, who was wandering the streets of Warsaw, got the news and thought it was a good opportunity to start another uprising, so he contacted the lost members of the Virgis in Eastern Europe, and they reunited and started another uprising.

The Virgis rebels grew rapidly. Although the Ottoman Empire strengthened the siege and suppression of the rebels, the results were minimal. Later, the Virgis Rebellion re-established its general headquarters, with Mormont serving as commander-in-chief.

Mormont commanded the Virgis rebels to defeat the Osman army many times and occupied a large place. Later, with the defeat and surrender of the Ottomans, the rebels continued to attack, capturing the headquarters of the Crusaders, and Bishop Vaux was killed.

Sweden and other countries once again formed a coalition to encircle and suppress the rebels, but the rebels escaped the attack of the multinational force and annihilated a large number of enemy troops.

Many Western European expeditionary forces were successively eliminated by the rebels. In the end, the rebels and the Swedish army had a final battle. The rebels captured Konigsberg and the Swedish fortress in Eastern Europe was broken. The Virgis movement has achieved an overall victory!

The following year, the Republic of Virgis was established.

(Check in-game note for more information)

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