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This time we will talk about the Ulsus Crusader.

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The Ulsus Crusaders

With the expansion of the Virgis movement in Eastern Europe, the British and Swedish forces were defeated in Kaffa by the Turkish-Safavid coalition.

After the Battle of Kaffa, Sweden called on the whole of Europe to pay attention to the dangers of the Virgis movement.

At first European countries just stood by, but as the Virgis army defeated the Swedish army time and time again, European countries had to start paying attention to the threat of the Virgis movement.

Therefore, solving the movement as soon as possible has become a top priority for European countries. After several difficult rounds of negotiations, at the initiative of Sweden, some pro-religionists in Europe formed a mercenary army, the "Ulsus Crusaders"

Most of the crusaders were pro-religious people from the European middle class. Like those knights in the Middle Ages, the main force of the crusades was still heavy cavalry, but some of the cavalry was equipped with muskets. Bishop Vaux of Flanders was the commander-in-chief of this army.

Unlike the medieval crusaders, the Ulsus Crusaders were generally equipped with large-caliber artillery and high-quality muskets, and their cavalry assault capabilities were among the best.

Therefore, after the Ulses Crusaders established their base in central Germany, the clearing of Virgis soon began. After many battles between Ulsus and Virgis, Virgis suffered heavy losses. Ulsus also established a powerful intelligence system in Eastern Europe.

It was with this powerful intelligence system that Ulsus could join Sweden to carry out an assault on the Virghis headquarters (Waka) and kill main leader - General Viran in this battle. This battle directly led to the failure of the first Virgis movement, Mormon roamed anonymously on the streets of Warsaw. After that, Ulsus focused on dealing with Ottoman Empire, and ignored the potential threat of Virgis.

When the Second Virgis Movement started, European countries were generally weakened by Turkey and its allies and were unable to withstand the devastating attacks of Virgis. Ulsus lost most of its combat power in combat with Turkey, so it was no longer able to stop the attack of Virgis. Later, the Virigis Revolutionary Army destroyed headquarters of Ulsus in Germany, Bishop Wox died during the battle.

(Check the in-game note for more information)

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