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This time we will talk about the reason why England and other western powers came to Easter Europe

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England New Model Army in Eastern Europe

Since the British Glorious Revolution, King James has slayed and killed the soldiers of the new British army. As a follower of Cromwell, General Williams is deeply insecure and therefore writes to the Protestant countries in Europe, hoping that Be able to get their assistance. However, most of them did not reply. At this time, Sweden entered a fierce state during the war with Poland. Poland defeated the Swedish army, Sweden was greatly injured. Seeing that the Polish army was about to enter Swedish territory, urgently, Sweden received General Williams. The letter was overjoyed by Sweden because it was an excellent opportunity to gain a large number of new troops. Therefore, the Swedish authorities promised to provide Williams and his men's shelter and to station in Eastern Europe on the condition that they must obey the Swedish military management authority. William Sri Lanka agreed to the requirements of the Swedish authorities, so the Swedish authorities sent the navy to meet General Williams and a group of people in the Scottish port. After a long voyage, they finally reached the Baltic Sea in southern Sweden and camped there.

Western Europe countries intervene into the Eastern Europe

The Thirty Years War has reshaped the pattern in Western Europe, with some Catholic nations (except France) failing and Protestant nations winning. These defeated nations and defeated political entities (such as some Catholic nobles of the Holy Roman Empire and the Kingdom of Spain) are anxious to seek a victory, or their political status in their country will be at stake. Although France is the victor, it is not satisfied with the victory of Western Europe. He believes that Eastern Europe is also where France needs to conquer. The Ottoman invasion of Eastern Europe provided ample excuses for these countries to enter Eastern Europe. After the start of the Virgis Movement, the new British army mostly fought with Virgis. The prestige of the past, so Sweden also desperately needs more fresh troops to help wipe out Virgis, as well as to assist against Turkey, Russia and Poland.

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