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This time we will talk about the battle of Kafa.

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Kafa is always the strategic location´╝îit is the headquearts of Islamic Jihad Army.

First Battle of Kafa

After many battles fight against Islamic Jihad Army, Christian Alliance Army suffered heavy loss, and make few resoult, but so did the Islamic Jihad Army. At the this time, a Polish general suggested the Christian Alliance Army to bypassing enemy lines and attack their headquearts directly.

And Russia made peace with Poland,(which caused Cossack Hetmanate joined Islamic Jihad Army), so Christian Alliance will not worry about Russia. But bad thing happened, a Cossack spy detected the plan of Christian Alliance, although he was executed by the soldiers of France, his broken information is still sent to the Cossack Hetmanate. The leader of Cossack informed the Islamic Jihad Army.

So, Islamic Jihad Army started many offsensive against the Christian Alliance. English, French, German and Spainish Forces are surrounded by the Islamic Jihad Army, only Polish and Swedish Army escaped and move to the Kafa. Ulsus Crusaders are attacking Headquerts of Virgis (Waka), so they can't join the Polish and Swedish Army.

Kafa city has few defenders, so the Polish and Swedish Army destroyed the gate without many losses. But when they will assult into the city. Many Russian Army appeared in their backward, the result is that Swedish and Polish Army were totally destroyed. King of Poland and Sweden were killed in the battle.

Why Russia suddenly started to attacking the Chritian Alliance? They have a deal. Nobody really knows, but there are some rumors: some rumors said that Russia made a deal with Islamic Jihad Army in private which Russia will share the torreories of Sweden and Poland with Islamic Jihad Army. Another rumors said that some Russian noble in Southern Russia who belived the Islam disobeyed the Tsar's order and make peace with Islamic Jihad Army and attacked Swedish and Polish Army.

Whatever the truth is, the fact is that Sweden and Poland failed, and Islamic Jihad Army won. The other western forces were escaped to the northern Sweden with help of Ulsus Crusaders.

Warsaw - Polish Capital were ruled by Ottoman Empire and Russia untill the second Virgis Movement started.

Second Battle of Kafa

The Revolutionary Army Learned lessons from failure of Sweden and Poland, they took the streatgy which is "North is the first, South is the second. West is the first, East is the second". They firstly destroyed the Ulsus Crusaders and Ottoman Empire's Forces in the Sweden and controlled Sweden. Secondly, they began to attack Russia, and took the capital of Russia. Russian Forces and Tsar escaped to the Siberia.

Next, they started to destroy the Safavid Forces and Cossack Forces in the South with the help of revolt Forces in the South. And then they sorrounded the Kafa. and started the siege for three days. Ottoman Empire and Safavid Empire's reforcements were destroyed by the Virgis Navy Force.

Kafa was compeleted captured, the Sultan of Ottoman Empire was captured as P.O.W. and trialed by Virgis Revolutionary Court as execuation. leader of Cossack and Safavid escaped to Ottoman Empire. The leader of Cossack was executed by Turkish, because they think he selled their Sultan. the Leader of Safavid Empire returned to Safavid Empire after Safavid Empire paid huge money to the Turkish.

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