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An overview of the weapon system we created for DEADHUNTERS.

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In this update we would like to talk about the weapons in DEADHUNTERS.

DEADHUNTERS is a rogueplaying game, meaning that it has rogue-like and role playing elements. One such rogue like element is your random starter weapon. We figured that making your weapon loadout random every time you play the game adds variety and challenge to it. Additionally, you can unlock higher tier versions of your weapons, as a form of overall progression.

From an art standpoint we wanted to make the progression from simple to awesome very noticeable. You start out with bent-rusty and dirty weapons and in the end you can get bigger, sharper and a lot fancier ones. Unlocking a higher tier weapon should be satisfying and the visuals aim to help with just that. You can see how two set of weapons, the Dual Blades and The Great Axes, change below:

If you are are interested in the texturing process you can watch it on youtube

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