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Describes weapon system and weapon types of Military Force.

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Weapon system in Military Force

So I finally decided to write a little more about what the game has. I'll start with weapon system.

In Military Force the player always has 2 active weapons, called primary and secondary:

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Primary weapons

1. blaster

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The weapon you start with, very basic and weak, but has unlimited ammo. Good to kill "bullet-suckers", i.e. large groups of small and weak enemies.

2. super blaster (twisted blaster)

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An improved blaster, more damage and wider range. Unlimited ammo.

3. shotgun

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Simply a shotgun. High damage and wide range. Limited ammo.

4. machine gun

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High damage, fast projectiles. Limited ammo.

5. rocket launcher

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Very high damage, slow projectiles, splash damage. Limited ammo.

6. plasma gun

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Very high damage, medium speed projectiles. Limited ammo.

7. lightning gun

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Extremely high damage, instant hit. Limited ammo.

8. chainsaw

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Extremely high damage, close-up melee weapon. Unlimited ammo. You won't use this much throughout the game, but there're moments when using chainsaw is the only option you got.

Secondary weapons

1. gravity gun

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Object manipulator. The most important of all, it has many use-cases in the game. It can be used to solve
physics-based puzzles or as a weapon.

2. proximity mine

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You place it on the floor and when an enemy is near the mine explodes.

3. energy shield

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When enabled it'll act as wall in front of you, i.e. all enemy projectiles will hit the shield not you. The splash damage from enemy
rockets will also be absorbed.

Weapon groups

The player can carry 4 primary weapons max and any number of secondary weapons. The thing is, primary weapons are split into groups:

  • Melee weapons: chainsaw
  • Basic weapons: blaster, super blaster
  • Lite weapons: shotgun, machinegun
  • Heavy weapons: rocket launcher, plasma gun, lightning gun

The player can only carry one weapon from each group.

Weapon stations

In Military Force you find weapons throughout the level. Primary weapons are always in so called "weapon stations":

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When you use a weapon station your current weapon from particular group is replaced with a new one. The weapon station also have
some small fixed amount of ammo inside them, so if you're close to a weapon station and out of ammo you can always get more from it.

Ammo pickups and ammo boxes

Secondary weapons as well as ammo for primary weapons are represented via ammo items throughout the game, they can be picked up directly
or from ammo boxes:

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Stationary weapons

Besides primary and secondary weapons there're also stationary weapons in Military Force, here's an example of a stationary flamethrower:

User Posted Image

All of the weapons described above are weapons that can be used by the player, but there're also enemy-only weapons. But since the topic of this article is "weapon system" enemy-only weapons are out of the question, I'll try to describe them later in other articles. So, that's it for today.

And if you're interested in some aspect of the game, please tell me, I'll write about it.


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