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This is the second post on a series where we talk about how we designed each weapon in the game.

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Our next weapon is the water-themed Penta Pearl

It creates a shield of 5 pearls around you, each doing damage to enemies on contact.

By default this weapon isn’t too effective. It has a low range and will only really get rid of the weaker enemies


But wait! This weapon has a secondary effect. Press the fire button one more time and...


It expands and reaches high rotation speeds, damaging everything around you. The main strength of this weapon is reaching targets above and below

This increased range only lasts a second, so you have to time it well


Remember our list from before? Let’s see how this weapon fares

- Must fill a role that no other weapon does

You can hit enemies directly below and above you, something no other weapon does. It is also the only weapon that goes through walls

- Must have a unique purpose

It has a short range, and a second activation mode. Each pearl can hit enemies 3 times, so it thins out as you hit stuff

- Must not fall under the “dominant strategy” category

Enemies with invulnerable parts will wear out your pearls, while you deal no damage. This weapon also doesn’t deal as much damage as others. it’s power lies in it’s other properties

- The boss you get this weapon from will use it against you

Keep your distance while this weapon is active!



This is a good opportunity to mention another weapon that existed in the early stages of development. It was called 4-Sided Beam, and it would hit enemies in 4 directions near you

Didn’t take long for us to notice it was kinda redundant... Remember the first item on our list?


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