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Here is what you can expect from FORTIFY MODE Alpha along with its competition. Updated: Now with a little more Fire-power

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We done a quick count up from yesterdays vote and it seams we already have a clear winner. Here is the vote count:

  • Map A +19 WINNER .
  • Map B +9.
  • P90 +11 WINNER .
  • G36C +11 WINNER .
  • AK47 +6.
  • Time Shift +5.
  • Stealth +23 WINNER .
  • Objective Based +6.
  • Fortify Survival +23 WINNER .

As you can see it will be Fortify on Map A with the P90 and G36C using the Stealth Enhancement.

Using Stealth

The Stealth enhancement is always active and will not drain XP.
You will be able to crouch down in the long grass and hide in Dark places we may supply a suppressors thanks to (EVERlast4172)

The P90 and G36C

The P90 SMG and the G36C will be stock guns in this version of the alpha but we will give you a fun little sidearm (Revealed in the alpha)

Here is your Complete Map and the graphics to expect.

Enhancing the graphics and using full screen post processing FX depend heavily on the
Successes of the IndieGoGo Campaign

Fortify Mode

In Fortify mode you will be put against an unlimited stream of walkers whilst you fortify the area with walls traps and makeshift turrets and survive for as long as possible each defense structure relies on XP and components found around the map to build.

The Competition.

Its simple highest time survived and XP earned will be the winner (Screenshot required as proof)
you will submit your scores in the download area.
The winner will be a walker in the game and will need to supply 2 HQ face photos (Front and side)

Remember to follow this project to be notified as soon as the alpha is live.


Check out the image page for a little surprise


Can't wait :)

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SinisterGames Author

Good. give it a week and and it should be ready maybe even before then.

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This should be interesting.

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