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Come meet the devs that make up Wrought Iron Games, the team behind EDGAR.

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Hello everyone!

It has been a while since our last update as the holidays have been proving to be quite the distraction for all of us. From work, seeing family, and spending even more time sitting in traffic, we haven’t been able to put as much time into EDGAR as we would like. We also have been working on a lot of organisational stuff that, while crucial to the game, is not very glamorous or fun to read about. All I’ll say on that front is we have been creating a structure so that networking can be built alongside singleplayer instead of tacked on at the end, and have been creating even more space efficient spritesheets which means more LPSI (loot per square inch).

The team behind EDGAR is composed of volunteers from across the globe and up till now have only been referred to as “the development team behind EDGAR”. That wasn’t good enough for us so we decided to come up with a devteam name. So now, everyone’s favorite pixel lootfest starring Edgar Allan Poe is being created by Wrought Iron Games. Fancy, no?

Within Wrought Iron Games we have a producer/designer, a programmer, an artist, a composer, a sound designer, and a web programmer. We think this would be a good time to introduce ourselves one by one to the community.


My name is Kyle Reid, or CptSteam, and I’m the producer and designer for EDGAR. I’m a graduate of Cal State University Long Beach (CSULB) and have been fortunate enough to have done contract work for Walt Disney Imagineering. The multiple roles I’ve had with them over the years have given me valuable experience in creating interactive experiences. Theme parks and video games have a lot of similarities when it comes to interactive storytelling and I’m putting everything I’ve learned into making EDGAR a unique and memorable journey.

My goal for EDGAR is to create a game that appeals to both gamers and readers; blending history, imagination, and good old fashioned hoarding into a scotch-flavored delight for the mind and the senses.


My name is Patrick Fires, but you can call me Azreaal. I am the lead (and sole) programmer for EDGAR, and I’m just here to tell you a bit about myself. I’m currently attending school for Game Design and Simulation, with a focus on C# Programming. I’ve been doing basic programming since middle school, just playing around with Python and C, but when I discovered how powerful and straightforward C# was, I knew it would be my favorite language. I do know a bit of Java/Script, C++, and XNA, but EDGAR will be running C# all the way.

I’ve been working with Unity for about a year now and I’m constantly learning that I know nothing of Unity’s true power, discovering more and more each day. While EDGAR will be the first full-length game that I’ve programmed using the Unity game engine, I have made a plethora of other cheap just-for-me games, from text-adventures to 2D tank wars to 3D starship battles. I am truly blessed with this opportunity to learn more about Unity and game programming in general, and I look forward to passing all of my knowledge on to you through EDGAR.


I am jackjackthejack, or just Jack for short, and I am the lead artist for EDGAR! I am currently studying Design at the University of Otago in New Zealand where I have learned a lot of creative skills that I am now applying to my passion, video game design. I love games such as Sword & Sorcery and Lone Survivor. With their pixel revival art style and their ability to create tonnes of atmosphere through it, these are two games that have definitely influenced my artwork for EDGAR.

Through my artwork, I hope to create a rich and crazy world for the player to get lost in, that is enjoyable and interesting to explore each and every moment.


Hi, I’m John J. Harvey, and I’m one half half of the audio team behind Edgar. I’m responsible for the musical content in the game, and hope to create an atmosphere of Victorian London, with a modern and often comedic tint. I like long walks on the beach, deep conversation, cheesecake, and my star sign is Sagittarius. You can visit my website at Johnharveymusic.com or my soundcloud at Soundcloud.com.

Sound Designer

My name is Dan Pugsley (Captain_Dan) and I am the sound designer for EDGAR. I’m a freelance audio designer / editor and I make sound for pretty much anything – games, commercials, idents, films and corporate stuff! A lot of my time recently has also been spent helping out with sound design for YouTube channels such as TomSka, Eddsworld and Corridor Digital.

Games have always been a huge interest of mine, and working on audio for games seems like a very good way to justify the huge number of hours I’ve spent playing them. I’ve only just started using Unity but I’m looking forward to learning the ins and outs of the audio side of it, and hopefully make EDGAR sound as awesome as it will look!

Web Programmer

Hey everyone, I’m Lucas from Argentina. Most of my experience is on web development, but recently I’ve started getting into game development too, and I plan to start contributing to EDGAR with Unity asap!

In the meantime, I’m preparing a website for EDGAR!

I’m also a Go player and I practice ninjitsu, so watch out ;)

So now that we know each other better, it shouldn’t be awkward if we take this relationship to the next level. A movie, a fancy dinner, maybe a little holding hands. We can take it slow if you like. Whatever you do though, we’d love to hear from you with ideas, comments, concerns, or questions, and you can do so by talking to us on Twitter or on our newly created Subreddit.

That’s all for now! (Unless you want to schedule that date now)

Sincerely, Wrought Iron Games.

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