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Hey guys! we are finaly on Steam Greenlight! Check it out! We look forward to discuss any aspect of the game with you.

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Plunge into the world of danger and plots – into the world of Morrain.

Reveal the cause of outbreak of epidemic that enveloped the prison-island. You are a combat medic and lives of many people are in your hands. But will you manage to save them?

Survive in hostile environment of the island where diseases, cold and famine are common things. Dynamic combat system where each missed hit can cause fatal consequences. Use varied armory of cold steel, guns and bombs to defeat your enemies.


- Vast, open game world. Explore the island, solve all of its multiple mysteries.
- Close- to- reality conditions: need of food, sleep, rest, warm clothes. Survive in severe climate conditions.
- Pump your skills by using them and open new traits.
- Pick herbs, make mixtures and serums. They will save your life more than once.
- A number of diseases. It can be a suppurating wound or raw meat that you’ve eaten. You can figure it out by symptoms, such as
nausea, elevated temperature, faints, what your disease is and cure yourself.
- Mental health of the character is getting worse, causing hallucinations and dementation.
- A number of endings, directly connected to the decisions that player made during the game.
- Epic soundtrack. Creates and emphasizes required atmosphere.

Morrain 5

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