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- we are on Instagram - project team increased in size - new battle system - turn-based - new function Finishing moves

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Hello friends!

General News

This post is dedicated to present you the newest perks we are working on in LegendaryOnes.com! Let's start from the very basics. We have created our Instagram @legendaryonesgame profile where you can check many images from the game. It's important to say that many can change in the future.

Our development team has increased to 5 people. Next year we plan to grow to 12 people. It allows us to allocate professional developer to his field of interest and increase the overall level of the game for our players.

Game News

We have completely changed battle system. First concept counted with simple telling the player whether he won or not. We decided to make interactive turn-based battles with animated characters.

1. Player selects which active skills (up to 4) he/she wants to take in battle (=helps to build strategic decision making right from the beginning based on your opponent)
2. Before attack, player can select one active skill and then decide whether he/she wants to deliver light, moderate or hard attack (=this helps to build strategic decisions even more, because each of these hits has different modificator that will affect your hit chance, damage, critical strike chance or critical strike damage)

During the battle we plan to have animated characters, effects like blood, poison or finishing moves. What is this?

During special occasions you can spot your character making unusually effective lethal hit. We wanted to enhance the experience from the battle and added special attacks like dragon burning the battlefield, storm killing the enemy player, blizzard freezing him/her and shattering into pieces of ice and more.

All these actions will be commented by our narrator to give it even more depth followed by music.

All these changes kicks the game into new height and new challenges for development team, but we truly believe we are making new browser-game that will stand among others in world-quality level.

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