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The game is released! Go grab it and tell your friends!

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Check out Roaches on Google Play!

Hard times have come... Fragile peace between bugs and slippers is destroyed. Hordes of roacehs strive to world domination and want to enslave the slippers! You are one of elite fighters for freedom, battling on the front of erupting war.Control the slipper and smash the bugs. Unlock super-abilities for task completion and use them to win the right for peace. Tornado, lightning strikes, and other special moves are all in your arsenal. But beware of pins! Only you can prevail!


The application has feedback function built-in — it's in Settings menu. We'll like to hear from you! In case something isn't working — contact us and we'll try to solve the problem.

➜ 8 specials — from tornado to fire wall!
➜ 50 waves of enemies — from slow roachies to evil roaches!
➜ 12 levels of slipper — every new one gives even more capabilities!
➜ High scores table with other players — who'll gain the most points?
➜ 5 types of additional tasks will make sure you're not bored!
➜ 4 kinds of slippers — from casual to ultra-trendy hipster one!
➜ Highly detailed interior in a room like yours!

We are independent game developers and are self-funded. Your support means a lot! If you like the game, tell your friends about it!

All items can be received in-game — try to get past all waves!

Description of permissions, required by the application:

➜ Network communication
Requred for high scores submissions and feedback sending.
➜ Phone calls
Required for user identification in high scores system. Application doesn't call anyone!
➜ System tools
Required for correct handling of application switching and background work.

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